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Louisville Data Commons is an open data website designed to store and share data generated by Louisville Community members and non-profit organizations with a key focus on data about Louisville. The University of Louisville Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute, in support of its mission to translate research to the public and public policy makers, operates this resource to fill the gap for storing non-government and non-commercial data. Aligning with the city’s goals, Louisville Data Commons makes creating new tools and learning about our community easier than ever.


  • How does it work?:
    • Data is generated by the community, maintained and hosted by The Envirome Institute and available for research to all with the goal of creating actionable plans to improve the livability of the community.
  • Who owns the data?:
    • Shared data will be subject to the Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise indicated.
  • How do I contribute data?:
    • Send an email with your dataset, your organization (if applicable), and as detailed descriptions as possible to [email protected] or fill out this form
  • What data can I publish?
    • Eligible data includes but is not limited to citizen science, science projects, experiments about Louisville, sensor projects, air or water quality data, weather data, non-profit community data, odor reporting, and noise reporting.
  • What is not eligible?
    • Inappropriate materials, personally identifying data, personal file storage, non-community data, and commercial file storage are prohibited.
  • How much can I contribute?
    • There is a size limit of 100 MB on the Google Form. Users wishing to upload more than 100 MB should contact [email protected]
  • Who decides what data are displayed?
    • Only datasets and resources that are reviewed and approved by at least two members of the LC Data Committee will be published. If the desired organization is not listed or you are unaffiliated with any, upload the dataset or resource under the “Public” organization. All data submitted are thoroughly reviewed before they are published. The Louisville Commons Data Committee will carefully vet each submission to ensure that it follows the guidelines.